Noodle Oodle Speciality
`La Mian¡¦

La Mian or hand-pulled noodles freshly prepared everyday in our restaurants.
La Mian originated from Lanzhou in the Gansu Province. As the name suggests, La Mian is made from our dough and
hand-pulled into -ne strands of noodles. It is then dunked into steamy hot boiling water for a quick blanch and served in
specially prepared chicken broth. If spice is your thing, our Szechuan hot and sour soup base is a must try.



`Xiao Long Pao¡¦

The little gem of Shanghai literally translates to `little basket buns¡¦ and it is
also known as soup dumplings. These little buns originated from the village
of Nanxiang, now a suburb of Shanghai, China. Xiao Long Pao are delicate
parcels of minced meat encased in bread dough and steamed in bamboo
baskets. It is commonly eaten with ginger infused vinegar.

The -lling must be gelatinous enough to turn soup when steamed whilst the
dough casting has to be of just the right consistency to provide a burst of
rich soup and -llings when you bite into it.

Our dim sum range includes other kinds of Chinese dumplings and buns,
crispy spring rolls and pancakes. What separates us from the usual dim sum
fair is the fact that our dishes have its history in Shanghainese cuisine in
comparison with the mainstream Hong Kong style dim sum.


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